Monday, June 29, 2009

72-Hour Kits

For Family Home Evening the past two weeks, we have talked about and worked on updating our 72-hour kits. Tonight we worked on our 72-hour food kits, taking out old food and replacing it with new "rations."

Over the years we learned that there are other sources of emergency food than dehydrated 72-hour kit meals (space food) in a box.

While there are all sorts of variations, my mom used these recommended "rations" from the food kits we put together a few years ago. This is what we created:

72-Hours Kit for 1 person
A minimum of 4 liters of water per kit is suggested

Day 1
: Oatmeal, Hot Chocolate, Raisins
Lunch: Ramen Soup, Crackers, Fruit Snack, Juice Drink
Dinner: Mac & Cheese, Raisins, Drink Mix
Snack: 5 Candy, Gum, Fruit Roll

Day 2
: Granola, Apple Cider, Raisins
Lunch: Soup-can, Crackers, Fruit Snack, Apple Juice
Dinner: Ramen Soup, Crackers, Drink Mix
Snack: 5 Candy, Gum, Trail Mix

Day 3
: Oatmeal, Hot Chocolate, Raisins
Lunch: Chicken Broth, Jerky / Granola Bar, Fruit Snack, Juice Drink
Dinner: Vienna Sausage, Cheese & Crackers, Drink Mix
Snack: 5 Candy, Gum, Granola Bar

Note: The picture only shows one liter of water, but you should have at least four liters per person.

We used Ziploc bags to hold the bouillon cube, gum, and other small things. Then we put all the juices and foodstuffs in two gallon-size Ziploc bags.

I'm grateful for prophets who have counseled us to prepare for "stormy weather" and parents who have always taught and encouraged those principles we now live by.

A favorite quote by President Monson is:

"Many more people could ride out the storm-tossed waves in their economic lives if they had their . . . supply of food . . . and were debt-free. Today we find that many have followed this counsel in reverse: they have at least a year’s supply of debt and are food-free.”
(President Thomas S. Monson, “That Noble Gift—Love at Home,” Church News, May 12, 2001, 7. Also quoted in Liahona, March 2009, p.5)

And one on spiritual self-reliance from Elder Christofferson in the April 2009 General Conference:

It is a simple illustration of a profound power that is much needed in our day and that will become increasingly crucial in days ahead. We need strong Christians who can persevere against hardship, who can sustain hope through tragedy, who can lift others by their example and their compassion, and who can consistently overcome temptations. We need strong Christians who can make important things happen by their faith and who can defend the truth of Jesus Christ against moral relativism and militant atheism.

What is the source of such moral and spiritual power, and how do we obtain it? The source is God. Our access to that power is through our covenants with Him.
(For the whole talk, click here).

I know that God's prophets know what is best for us and will help us to prepare for those "stormy days" ahead. And I feel great courage in their words, knowing that God will bless me when I obey.

Jon Schmidt meets YouTube: 1.8 million strong

When it seemed that everyone in the world had posted this video to their blog and the Davis County Clipper ran a story about how it had already reached 1.3 million (now more-than 1.8 million) hits, I finally took time to watch Jon Schmidts recent great hit.

Since Saturday, the record player in my head won't give it a rest. Even as we worked to build a house Saturday for Habitat for Humanity (which is definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done), this song just kept running through my mind.

For your enjoying pleasure, if you haven't watched it yet, take six minutes (two minutes at the end are his story about how the story came to be) and hear what LDS composer (and former Centerville-ite) did to these two songs.

Here's Love Story (by Taylor Swift) meets Viva La Vida (by Coldplay). If you know the two songs, you'll like it even more. And if you're like me, I hope it gets stuck in your head so when you are building a house, you can sing along.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Here's a little shout-out to two wonderful people who started this eternal family 27 years and one week ago (I'm slow on posting this one). My then-newlywed aunt and uncle lined them up. My uncle, who had just snatched my mother's older sister, met my dad at work. "I was selfish, really," he said. "I had to figure out a way to keep your dad around." Fortunately for all of us, his plan worked! Thank you, Aunt Ireta and Uncle John.

Fortunately, my mother was kind and patient (she knew on the second date) and my dad made the right choice.

Twenty-seven years and four kids later (my oldest brother passed away), they are happy, in love, and going strong!

Thanks, mom and dad, for all your hard work and for 27 wonderful years! Here's to the the next 27 years (and the eternity to follow that).

We love you! (and we're glad you got to go on a little getaway-- you deserve that.)

For more about eternal families and how your family can be happiest, click here. We're grateful to know death is not the end.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Alaska Teaser

I finally got my pictures (long story) from my trip to Alaska a month ago. Here are a few to tide you over until I have a chance to upload some more. A little taste of its beauty and a sneak peak at our fun!

Reflection off the water at Turnigan Arm, near Anchorage.

One of the tallest peaks in the nation's largest National Forest towers above the earth near Glennallen, Alaska.

The famous Alaskan Oil Pipeline. I actually got to touch it at one point during our drive.

And what's North Pole, Alaska without a stop at Santa Claus' house? Unfortunately, he wasn't there. I guess April must be vacation season for the big bearded guy.
Of course, you'll never guess which Christmas song played in my mind as we drove down Santa Claus Lane (I'm not kidding) in North Pole, Alaska, just outside Fairbanks.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You know you have a cool internship when...

...they ask you to sit at the phone, "just in case the White House calls."

I love my internship!

(photo courtesy