Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to school


My blog isn't taking a back-seat. I promise. For those of you who actually follow it, I am committed to giving you more information into my life. Honest. I've just been a little...how do you say...busy. Busy with life, with homework, with work, with school. And my virtual "sociality" has taken a hit by my re-born, real-life "sociality" here at school.

But...never fear. One of my classes is requiring me to keep a blog. Yup. A blog with what we learned.

No, no, no. It's not BORING. It's actually pretty cool. You should check it out. I want to share what I've learned. and I want you to share something with me, too. Deal? I mean, we are friends. I want to learn from you.

So...check it out: comm250rocksmyworld.blogspot.com

The first post is pretty good. And better posts are sure to come.

And I promise...eventually I'll get some pictures posted here. And then you can follow my "happenings" along with "what I'm learning in school."